La Baílla Apartments are located in Rota, on the Costa de la Luz, in the province of Cádiz. It is a hidden gem, far from other more saturated destinations. And it never disappoints. Generations of families make Rota their favorite destination, returning year after year.

The town surprises with its variety. Its history – not in vain it was a Phoenician, Arab and Roman square -, and its tradition as a fishing village and ‘mayeta’; its natural setting with 16 kilometers of fine sand beaches, escorted in part by pine forests.

Or its rich gastronomy, which navigates among the most native dishes, and the influence from beyond the seas, which makes Rota a natural reference for an at first improper dish such as pizza, but which the people of Rota have been able to make their own.




At any time of the year, Rota has much to offer to those who decide to visit it.
La Baílla awaits those discoverers to make them feel that they will always have a place to return to.

Beach and pine forest

Rota is nature. Miles of beaches of fine white sand; the green lung of the pine forests of Rota, crossed by walkways, and other enclaves such as the Natural Monument of Los Corrales or the Celestino Mutis botanical park.


The Villa is rich in history: a historic quarter with a Jewish quarter, cobbled streets and whitewashed walls; the Mayor Church of la O, Isabelline Gothic style and Plateresque traces, or the stately Castillo de Luna. Rota is also the cradle of outstanding artists from all disciplines.


The groves of Rota and its fishing tradition have marked the classic recipe book of the town. Dishes like Urta a la Roteña, the best of both worlds, as well as other classics. On the other hand, the American influence has turned Rota into a standard for pizza lovers.